4 Must-have Features For Your Websites

The best performing websites have a few things in common. But perhaps the most important of these is a functional website design that allows users to have the best web experience when they visit these websites. For your website to be attractive and give a great user experience, there are a few things that it must have. Some of these are:

  1. Smooth, fast, and easy navigation: Visitors want a smooth, easy, and navigable website that they can explore without having to wait for long. No matter what niche your website focused on, speed is not to be compromised. The top e-commerce stores can run into serious losses if their websites delay by as little as two seconds. Great user experience will increase the customer retention rate.
  2. Trendy design: Modern website designs are trendy and meant to draw and keep attention. One mistake that amateur web developers make is to use the colors that catch their eye; they mostly do not have the experience to choose colors that furthers the brand’s image. Imagine going to Coca-Cola’s website, and the only colors you find there are green, blue, and purple. No, right? It is necessary to have a theme and use colors that align with your business and helps your visitors connect more with your brand. 
  3. Great content, clear description, and high-quality images: Content is king. If your website lacks quality content, chances are that you will never get the best from it. In fact, your website might not even bring organic visitors or customers because it will rank low in search engine result pages. Website design is good, but you shouldn’t neglect to have great content. Also, every section, product, and service on your website should be carefully described and displayed with high-quality images. This is necessary for two major reasons: it gives your website a professional look, and visitors get to see your products in their best light.
  4. Customer support and feedback section: Every great website needs a customer support section on the homepage and other major pages. This offers a lot of benefits to you, the website owner. First, you have a way to respond to customer inquiries and offer support. This gives them the feeling of being cared for. You also have the chance to collect user information for a mailing list (which has lots of benefits), and finally, you can harvest tons of user data from which useful information can be retrieved.

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