4 Ways to Improve Deployment Frequency

Deployment frequency is one important DORA metric for software development. DORA metrics are used for tracking software development projects. These metrics will help you to understand how much time and effort should be invested in the development of your software project, which is one of the most important aspects of software development. It can also help in the budgeting process by understanding how many hours and units you need to complete a project. Click here to learn more about DORA metrics. 

For now, we will see 4 different ways to improve deployment frequency.

  • Improving automated test coverage

Improving test coverage is important for many reasons. First, automated tests can easily be maintained and run by other people, like other developers or testers. Second, automated tests can help you find bugs in the software even before they reach production. So, improving the test coverage is a good idea if you want to improve deployment frequency.

  • Integrating with CI/CD tools

CI/CD tools can help you to reduce the burden on your developers, i.e. they can perform all the tasks related to deployment that is needed before deployment of your software to production. So, integrating with these tools is a good idea if you want to improve deployment frequency.

  • Automating the release validation phase and release process

The release validation phase is the part of the software build between development and deployment, where you do the last check and verification. The release process is when you actually deploy the code to production. So, automating these phases and processes can reduce your burden on developers, i.e. they can easily perform these tasks right after the build finishes, before the deployment of your application to production. You can find more information on the web about how CI/CD tools help you in releasing software faster.

  • Reducing the error recovery time on the production

Error recovery time is the time it takes to recover from an error and get back to normal operations after a crash, system failure, or other similar events. Reducing this time can help you improve your system availability, as well as reduce the cost of downtime. It can also make your system more stable. So, improving error recovery time is a good idea if you want to improve deployment frequency.

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