A Brief Guide To Know All About Torrent Sites

With the increase in piracy over the Internet, everything available is getting insecure. If we are using any platform to exchange files between each other, it is always considered piracy. But it can be anything like simply downloading or updating any game, software updates. Today torrent sites have become the best source of any software or movie links that is not available over the Internet. Most of us always assume negatively about the website, and that’s because they don’t get exposed to technology in a broader sense. So let us look at it in a more comprehensive way to get a brief understanding of this website.


It got developed by Bram Cohen in 2001, where he came up with the idea of sharing large files worldwide irrespective of the geographical location, large file, and speed. Sooner, people started sharing movies, books, games, and many other things through this peer to peer sharing.

Universal Terms In Peer-To-Peer Sharing:

  1. BitTorrent
  2. TorrentClient
  3. Peers
  4. Seeders
  5. Leechers
  6. Swarm
  7. Torrents
  8. Trackers


Peer-to-peer sharing works on the principle that it does not have a single server, and each client itself can become a server. More number of users increases the capacity of the server, unlike the traditional servers. When you download one of the files in real, you upload a piece of that file to others. And this approach uses the crowd efficiently to exchange files among one another. And to enable this, each client has a software named TorrentClient that helps you manage the process and access files.


  1. Malware, You may download a file that is corrupt and can infect the computer. The executable files will generally carry malware, so try to avoid it.
  2. One of the drawbacks is the relation of the legality of this website and software. You have to understand the process of peer-to-peer sharing is not illegal, but people share content that has copyright issues, which is not legal. So it is better to check for the copyright status before downloading it from Torrent sites and check laws related to copyright in your country.

Why VPN Is A Must While Using These Websites?

Make sure to use VPN while you’re surfing on these websites to mask your original IP address and identity, as hackers are constantly on these websites, continuously monitoring the activities of people visiting such websites. So don’t take these websites and warnings lightly and use VPN, especially on torrent websites.

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