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You can easily check your backlinks via a good “backlink checker”, you have very simple but also advanced tools for this and almost all of them give different results. You can get a first impression of who all links to you with every checker. An example of this is Moz’s Open Site Explorer tool. For other alternatives you can simply Google on “backlink checker” and you will definitely find something. Via backlink checkers you can also check the backlinks of your competitors and thus see where they get their links from (and also try to get a link here).

Internal links versus backlinks

Briefly the difference between internal links

Internal links are “clickable words” on your website. When you click on such a word you will be redirected to and backlinks, internal links are links that point from your own website to other places within that website. Because they are your own, they have less value. Of course, Google is not so confident in your objectivity to your own website that they get the same value as backlinks. Yet they work the same as a kind of recommendation. 

  • When you link from page A to page B, page A actually gives a kind of recommendation to page B. The anchor text is also important for internal links. For example, do you score on a certain keyword combination on the first page but not in the first place in Google? Then try to include an internal link to that article in the new articles you post for a while. Then make that keyword combination clickable. You will see that this affects your ranking in Google. You can buy backlinks  and have the best detail there.

Swapping links: swapping links is actually always discouraged. Sometimes special partner pages are set up for this. The most common way is that you make contact with another page and place a link for each other. It is better to do this with 3 or more websites. If you want to try this, make sure that it concerns quality websites and that this website does not do too much link swapping. A website with too many external links will be seen by the search engines as not serious.

Tip: Use a backlinks checker such as that of SEO ranking to keep a good overview of your backlinks or the possible opportunities for new backlinks via, for example, a backlink tool such as Ahrefs.

Link building as part of SEO 

Link building is just one method you can use to improve your search engine optimization. Since many people outsource their SEO , link building is also something you can leave to the specialists. It is then addressed as part of a complete SEO package. First of all, a scan will be made of your website – Ranking Masters uses SEO Surfer for this and on the basis of this it is determined how your website can be improved. 

The technical SEO is addressed (including the security, speed and structure of your website), the density of the keywords and the content of your texts, your use of social media and the way in which you respond to local searches. Link building can also be added to this. With a complete package, your website ends up in the top 5 of the search engine results.

Outsource link building or do it yourself? 

Link building as part of SEO 

Link building is one of the trickiest parts of SEO and it is therefore not surprising that most people use an online marketing agency for this. The internal and external links are of course quite easy to add, but building a healthy amount of quality backlinks is a different story. It is also quite possible that after you reach one of the best positions in the search results, you suddenly disappear from the first page because you have not maintained your link building properly. An online marketing agency can set up and continue link building for you. Even after all your backlinks have been accumulated, a lot of time and effort will still have to be put into this.


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