Booster shot trails of covid-19 vaccination

Covid-19 has left the world in a difficult place where protecting our lives is our main priority. After the first wave of the virus, scientists got immersed in their struggles to find an effective vaccination for this virus. Almost forty percent of U.S is now fully vaccinated against covid-19. Which makes approximate 296 million dozes. The pandemic situation however is not at rest. The virus keeps on evolving and spreading, effecting more population than before.

Biotech consulting firms are taking charge of boosting the vaccine’s efficiency

Taking help from many life science consulting firms, scientists are keeping a close eye on Covid-19 vaccination shots and are observing whether they might need boosters or not. The process of phase I/II clinical trial of checking the efficiency and safety of covid-19 vaccination boosters have been started; announced by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Many Biotech consulting firms are taking charge and responding to the vaccines, boosting efficiency by joining hands with pharmaceuticals.

Our Familiarity with Booster Vaccines

Booster vaccination are not foreign to Americans. They receive boosters linked to vaccines of their childhood. Also known as MMR vaccines. The boosters are recommended to people of age ranging from 4 to 6 years olds. And for students attending colleges or people living in places that have high risks.

U.S childhood vaccines currently can replicate resulting in immunity against the disease for a life time. Whereas the vaccine against corona virus are mRNA based and have no such potential. Hence have more possibility of fading in near future. The scientists are observing as to how quickly the immunity against covid-19 leaves the vaccinated body.

As per the scientific research

According to the trail issued by NIH the adults of U.S who have been vaccinated will receive the boosters produced by Moderna. Regardless of the fact that their previous vaccine doze can be of either 3 companies: Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & johnson. 

The process of trial proceeds in a way where 150 people will be enrolled into 6 groups. Each group containing approximate 25 people. The age limit of each group will be 18 to 55. Maximum 25 people will be of age 56 and above. These groups of people will receive boosters 12 to 20 weeks after their vaccination shot.

An additional group of people will be made of adults who have not taken the FDA approved vaccination. These people will first receive the Modern vaccination shots and then boosters following respective weeks later.

Participants will be in touch and observed by the scientists

These participants will be in touch and observed by the scientists for over a year. Leading to blood testing for checking the immunity responses, virus activity, etc.

If a person shows similar features of covid-19 then his genetics will be analyzed. That if the symptoms are caused by genetic alteration. The initial results are to arrive at the end of summer.

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