Can Black Hat SEO be Beneficial to the company?


In these days where SEO is among the top strategies of the digital consultancies to generate traffic to their sites, there are two major divisions of the same. One is a white hat SEO service that follows the goggle guidelines to ensure a better user experience. The other is black hat SEO service (รับทำseoสายเทา, which is the term in Thai) that goes against all the rules and basic guidelines of search engines and aims at higher ranks only without considering the user experience.

Is the use of Black Hat SEO illegal?

Implementation of the Black Hat SEO is not illegal but it goes against all the ethical rules that are developed by the search engines. Being against the fair SEO practice, indulging in these activities may lead you or your website to high penalties. Also, once exposed, the business can face several damages and result in reduced fame in the outer world.

The Threats Of Practicing Black Hat Seo

Black Hat SEO practices go against all the general search engine guidelines and focus on high site ranking only. It also follows quick ways to get results that end up getting short-lived.  It comes with duplicate contents with irrelevant reference links including major keyword stuffing and using private links.

Here are some of the significant threats that the Black Hat SEO imposes on the websites of the company:

1.      Short-Lived Results

Black hat SEO readily aims at getting quick results by exploiting the basic google algorithms. The results yielded are merely for a very short span that may pose harmful threats shortly.

2.      Usage Of Illegal Ways That Can Penalize The Website

Black Hat SEO practices use illegal methods to artificially secure a high rank in the search engines. Once caught red-handed, it may come up with severe harm to the company penalizing the website by deleting it totally from the search results. The destruction will be severe, as the concerned site will be removed from the search ranking lists.

3.      Waste Of Efforts

Once, you have your website deleted from the search results, all your efforts are in vain. When due to the black hat SEO services your website is ruined it poses a great threat to your company making all your efforts a complete waste.

With the awareness among people regarding the disadvantages of black hat SEO, it is not a much-used tool among proficient bloggers and optimizers as they have got much content for their respective sites.

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