Colocation Solutions that Fit Your Needs Now

You can either set up your business’s data services in the cloud or use a data center to house your privately owned networking equipment and server. Either service will the data operations away from an in-house site or company infrastructure. However, that is where any similarities end.

By co-locating equipment or renting space in a colocation data center, you still have full control over your data, equipment and operations. Cloud hosting is different, as you give control to the cloud host provider. Therefore, co-locating data equipment involves renting a space in a third-party data center. To do this activity, you must keep the following in mind:

  • The facility is shared. Therefore, your costs for power, space, and cooling will be allocated among you and the other tenants of the facility. In turn, using this arrangement is cheaper than constructing a new data center or keeping and maintaining your data center on-site.
  • Co-locating equipment allows you to overcome any limitations in your current data center. You can augment the space in the building to meet your IT needs for housing and maintenance.
  • If you have restrictions, now in place, regarding band width, you can address them by placing your equipment in a third-party data center. Compare this to housing IT equipment in a regular server room inside your business. You will find that you will realize much lower costs for using increased band width and speed up data processing and retrieval at the same time.
  • A third-party data center is a more reliable choice when it comes to protecting your company’s private and confidential information. That is because it offers enhanced protection from a power outage. During the course of a day, several backups take place.

Keep Everything More Secure

You should also consider this – your third-party colocation center will also supply the solutions you need to physically safeguard data, including CCTV monitoring, fire detection services, and a more secured and private facility.

This is why this type of arrangement is highly favored worldwide, and in the U.S., where the market is projected to reach $15 billion in 2026, as reported by Global Insights. Therefore, you can still maintain control over your data without worrying about increased issues concerning damage, theft, or trespassing.

If your business is concerned with cutting costs, but wants the benefit of keeping control over its in-house data, you should strongly consider the solutions and advantages related to co-locating your company’s vital information. By taking this step, you can realize a larger bottom line but also save money operationally. This type of service also enables you to use more band width at a lower cost to you. Find out more information and see why this type of service makes sense for your business now.

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