How to convert PDF to EPUB for free

Ebooks: How to convert PDF to EPUB for free

The easiest way is to use online file conversion tools. They allow you to convert PDF to Epub without the need to download any software. A good example for such an online tool isAnyPDF.

AnyPDF is a popular PDF to Epub converter designed specifically for eBook readers and publishers. It has the ability to not only convert pdf file to Epub, but can also convert Microsoft Word .doc, .txt, .chm and even html to Epub. This online file converter allows users to customize eBook cover, info, layout, table of contents to build their own eBooks.

Both online converters are free of any charges and you can convert an unlimited number of files with them. The conversion time for a PDF to Epub or Epub to PDF conversion is usually is about 30 seconds.

If you do not want to upload your private files to a conversion server there is always the option to download the free software Calibre (64 Bit) or Calibre (32 Bit). Then you can easily convert a PDF file to Epub format on your local computer:

The procedure is also quite simple, although it is a bit more effort than just using free online tools. The steps necessary are:

  1. Install and start Caliber first.
  2. Add the PDF file via the button “Add books”.
  3. In the next step, make sure that it is selected in your overview and then select “Convert books out” at the top. Compare also the adjacent picture.
  4. In the overview below, you can check all the details again before you click on “OK” to finish.
  5. At the bottom right, you can track the conversion and then view the PDF version and the Epub file.

No matter which of the two options you choose you will be surprised about the excellent results. There is only one big difference between the two approaches. While Calibre cannot convert scanned PDFs to Epub the online converter AnyPDF also here produces acceptable results. In all other situations the results are comparable.

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