Electro lube – What is it?

Electro lube is an anti-stick fluid that is used in electro surgery to prevent tissue from adhering to the electrode instrument tip. It guards against charring and scratching, which may harm the instrument. Using electro lube throughout the operation will assist keep your instruments clean and avoid eschar build-up, improving the quality of the electro surgical process and, in turn, the reprocessing cycle.

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How long has electro lube been around?

Electro lube was invented by an American or nurse who was tired of cleaning eschar from the electrode tips after surgery. He collaborated with a scientist to develop the phospholipid-based solution, which not only saves time in operations by reducing the number of hand backs, but also reduces the risk of surgical complications, enhancing overall patient safety.

Electro lube has a number of advantages.

Less eschar on the instrument tips improves surgeon sight, especially for sensitive tools, and it may aid with field vision since char can obscure vision. By decreasing eschar build-up, not only does it save down on cleaning time in operating rooms with fewer hand backs, but it also cuts down on post-procedure cleaning. It also increases the electro surgery procedure’ quality, which means it may help avoid problems like bleeders and tears. It also indicates that the patient’s recovery will be speedier. Electro lube has a variety of applications.

It may be utilised in any electrosurgical treatment, including gynecology, general surgery, urology, Ent, plastic surgery, and robotic surgery.

What is your preferred method of applying electro lube?

  1. Empty the contents of the bag onto the sterile area.
  2. Remove the foam pad’s paper backing and set it on the sterile drape. For radiopacity, a barium filament is included in the foam pad.
  3. Remove the top and dab electro lube onto the foam pad or dip the electrode tip into the bottle.
  4. Make a thin film with the electrode tip on the foam pad.
  5. As required, repeat.

Electro lube is sterilized in a number of different ways.

In a class IL sterilization facility, electro lube is sterilized using gamma processing. Electro lube will not generate sparks since it is an insulator rather than a conductor. It doesn’t obstruct the flow of energy. It’s also non-toxic.

What is the best way to learn more about electro lube and get a sample?

‘Electro lube enables surgeons to focus on the patient rather than waiting for a probe to be cleaned and returned, decreasing surgery time for the patient, as well as time and expenses spent cleaning and replacing damaged instruments.

If you have any questions or would like a sample, please contact visit us on https://mektronics.com.au/collections/electrolube.

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