Employee on-boarding management made easy with automation by Checkbox!

By automating employee onboarding management with Checkbox, you can benefit both your employees and your business. For your business, such automation would help to centralize and simplify seemingly endless paperwork, thus saving precious time. Additionally, you can bring down your organizational costs by reducing the number of employees required to input new employee data or answer repetitive questions asked by the new hires. For employees, a thorough on-boarding process would help avoid frustration triggered by poorly defined job duties and inadequate training and for Additional Info.

When employees know what to expect as well as what their responsibilities and tasks are, they will have greater trust in your organization. For your business, this would mean improved employee retention rates. But how can Checkbox help your business to automate employee onboarding management? Read on to get the details or click here for more info.

Easier and faster collection of information with lower risks of human errors

Collection of information from your new hires and putting them into multiple office systems manually is a time-consuming job. Moreover, the repetitive nature of such tasks can trigger fatigue in your employees and make them prone to commit errors. Such errors or missing information could be a big business risk as you may be penalized or fined heavily for non-compliance.

Checkbox lets you avoid such risks and wastage of time with its dynamic, smart forms (based on decision-tree logic) that are designed for automated data collection and even subsequent follow-ups, if necessary. In case your business uses third-party systems to handle some of these tasks, you can use Checkbox easily with them as it effortlessly integrates into them. If you want to understand how all of this is done and more, request a free demo by visiting their website or click here for more info.

Seamless generation of bespoke documents

Based on the contractual situation and role assigned to an employee, different bespoke documents have to be created for each of them. Handling these tasks manually would mean a lengthy and tedious contract signing process, which would test the patience of both your employees and new hires. But you can make the process faster and seamless with Checkbox’s wide variety of templates.

You’ll just need to pick the master template that has been designed to be compliant for each role and populate it via automation to create the bespoke documents you need – be it employee agreements or appointment letters. To ensure these documents don’t get stuck while being signed by the authorized signatories, you can use Checkbox’s e-signature feature, thus ensuring your new employees have an effortless onboarding experience.

Create self-serve FAQs

Often, the same questions are asked by new hires. These could be as simple as how they should communicate with their team leader or more complex ones like what the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are for employee evaluation. Answering such questions repeatedly through different channels, such as phone calls, texts, or emails is an extremely time-consuming and repetitive process. In such situations, automation can again come to your rescue.

You can use Checkbox’s decision-tree logic to create self-serve FAQs and leverage its on-screen guidance to direct your employees to the relevant resources, URLs, or contact persons, thus saving precious time. Also, with a centralized space for all such Q&A you can easily get useful insights on the types of questions frequently asked. Click here for more info on how checkbox.ai can do the above-mentioned things and more to automate employee onboarding management.

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