Explanation of Terms Used in Web Hosting

When you sign a contract for a server to host your website, you are able to choose specifications that not only relate to the server itself, but to the amount of traffic included in the package you have agreed too. With the number and the variety of hosting services currently in the market place, you should always find a company that will give you a clear picture of what you are agreeing to in the server provided in terms of traffic limits, speed of data transfer and pricing. 

What does this mean?

If any hosting company offers you cheap unmetered dedicated servers this is what these terms mean.


Website traffic is also known as data transfer and is the amount of data that passes between your website and the internet over a certain period of time – usually referred to in a contract as 1 month. Website traffic is normally measured in terabytes (TB). If you see a server with a traffic limit of 5TB – that means your website will be limited to 5TB of data passing between your servers and the public internet during the month before you will begin to incur any additional fees. That means that your network is limited. Unmetered means that there is no limit on the amount of traffic or bandwidth that your website uses, so there are no overage fees or other fees connected with the amount of bandwidth that your website uses in any given month.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server means that your hosting company is renting one entire server for only your website. There will be no other websites set up on this server – only the business website for your company. Your contract should list the amount of storage space, RAM, and CPU. This server will not have any other websites on it.

With this information, you now know that a “cheap unmetered dedicated server” means that for a cheap monthly fee, your website will be hosted on a single server that is dedicated only to your website. And you know that the bandwidth or traffic coming and going from your website will not be measured. 


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