Guide to Linux Operating System for Beginners


You must have heard about the Linux operating system used by several businesses. It is a secure method of keeping your data secure. It is totally reliable and also easy to use. Linux was originally designed to read the Minix file system. When talking about Linux, the kernel here is monolithic. This system is a good alternative for systems like macOS and Windows. 

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How does Linux help you?

  • Customization and share

Usually, there are two kinds of software, that is, open source and proprietary. In the case of proprietary software, the kind of code used to create an application is not accessible to the audience. It is not fit for viewing to the public. The open source allows its code to be available for the formation of the software. 

This feature of Linux helps you not to pay anything. It is free and open source software. You can install it anytime and can even redistribute it. The Linux distribution requires a lot of elements for composition. For access to these elements, you need to download the source code first.

  • Introduction to a new kind of desktop

You might be familiar with the Windows and Mac desktops. The majority of the people have used these desktops and know-how they function but with the Linux desktops, you get to experience new features. They function in a bit familiar way though and have a modern and friendly user interface. 

If you look at the GNOME desktop, you will notice that there is a specified GNOME menu or the application menu and a notification center too. You can even incorporate a customization dock with the help of extensions. Some other popular Linux desktops are Mate, KDE, Cinnamon, and Xfce. All of them are reliable enough to run your documents. 

  • Linux distributions

Linux provides you the option to have access to the source code for the development of software and redistribution. As explained before, Linux acts as a kernel of the operating system. Several layers like Commands, Utilities, Shell, Daemons, Device drivers, and much more need to be added to the system to make it fully functional. 

All these layers are often adapted by developers to create something new. They can utilize these features for forming an extremely unique version of Linux. This creation is referred to as distribution. Some of the popular Linux distribution is Manjaro, Fedora Linux, Linux Mint, Debian, Elementary OS, and several others.

Being an open source, Linux has a lot of free applications and most of them have their app stores to facilitate distribution. All the stores can be seen in the desktop menu of the system. 


It is good to have access to a different system that can provide efficient solutions to your issues. 

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