Hiring a divorce attorney in North Carolina: Things to know

Let’s start by saying that divorces are complicated. Sometimes, couples do not separate in an amicable manner, and important things, such as spousal support, distribution of assets, and child support & custody, become points of contention. No matter what situation you are in, it is best to consult an experienced Monroe NC divorce attorney, as soon as you decide on the divorce. 

The need for a divorce attorney

Why would a divorce attorney in North Carolina? Most couples do not understand how legal formalities and proceedings work with regards to a divorce. Even if you seem to be in agreement with your spouse on some of the aspects, you will need legal advice on important factors. Hiring a divorce attorney allows you to have expertise on your side. Your lawyer will always work in your interests, and as needed, they will negotiate with the lawyer of your spouse, to come to an agreement, so that a trial can be avoided. Mediation and negotiation are two important reasons to hire a divorce attorney in Monroe. 

How to select an attorney?

There are basic things that matter for selecting a divorce attorney in NC. First and foremost, ask for a free consultation, which allows you to share your current circumstances. You can also discuss your attorney’s experience and expertise in depth. Here are some of the questions you can ask –

  1. How long have you been practicing as a divorce attorney in NC?
  2. Will you personally represent me in the court?
  3. How much will the divorce cost?
  4. Have you handled divorce cases that are similar to this?
  5. Do you charge clients by the hour?
  6. What are the foreseeable problems in this divorce?
  7. Are my goals realistic? 

If you are paying an expensive divorce attorney, make sure that they are the one working on your case and not someone with limited experience from the same law firm. Also, insist on meeting your lawyer in person, if possible, and ask them about their top and prolific cases. Check with the divorce attorney to know if they have the time to take your case, and how their involvement would add to the divorce costs. 

There are some really known divorce attorneys in NC, especially Monroe, and they can work aggressively, when needed, to protect your interests. Check online now to find more on reviews of law firms and attorneys, to find one that can align their expertise with your case. 

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