How do Mobile Phones Take Camera-like Photos

In the same scene, why are the photos taken by some people different from those taken by professional photographers? Why do some people use cameras not as good as others use mobile phones? Some people look good at taking casual photos. While others pay attention to composition and light, but the photos are not good. Today, I will teach you how to take professional photos with your mobile phone.

  1. Professional Mode of Mobile Phone

In general, most mobile phones on the market take photos with professional modes, such as HUAWEI HONOR 10 Lite. We can adjust the parameters when taking photos. These parameters are almost the same as those of the camera. If you are interested in specializing in photography, you can use more professional modes.

ISO sensitivity is the sensitivity of the adjusting element to light. The more sensitive, the brighter your picture will be. The S shutter is an important part. It is a device that controls the length of time for light to enter the camera. The longer the shutter, the more light will enter and the picture will be bright. On the contrary, the darker it is. WB white balance parameter can correct your color temperature and restore the color. By controlling the color temperature, you can obtain photos with different colors.

Focusing is better understood. Click on the screen to determine the theme of the photo to obtain a clear theme.

  1. Composition

When taking photos, composition is a must. Composition methods concludes three kinds: trichotomy, diagonal and symmetrical composition.

The trichotomy is the simplest composition technique. It is only to let people be on the three-point line in the picture. The main body of the photos taken is clear, highlighting simplicity. Diagonal shooting method is suitable for shooting some architectural scenes. Leaving white space is more suitable for shooting when traveling. The most common way is to leave white space in the sky. The shooting skill is to leave a part of the sky for the picture.

  1. Late color mixing

Late color mixing is an important part. For unsatisfactory photos, we can change them through later color mixing. But color mixing is not as simple as using filters. In the early stage, we must try to adjust the parameters to modify the photos. It will enhance your color sense.

  1. Aesthetic

An excellent photographer has a large amount of film reading. It is a good way to enhance inspiration and accumulation. Don’t immerse yourself in your own photo world. You should look at the excellent works of other photographers. You can have a good reference when shooting similar themes. Reading films is a learning process. By watching the works of excellent photographers, you can have more shooting ideas and improve your aesthetic comments on photos. Watching more and imitating more can improve your level.

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