How To Access Geo-Blocked Content: A Brief Guide

The world of the Internet brings myriads of good stuff to your feet, but sometimes you can’t take advantage of these opportunities, as your browsing data can spoil the fun.

Online stores change their pricing policies depending on what information about you they have. What are your browsing habits? Have you ever looked through this store before? What do you like? And finally, where are you?

Some service providers, for example, streaming platforms may decide on what content you can view, based on your location. Can we bypass these restrictions? And if yes, what tools should we use? Let’s start with some details about geo-restrictions.

How geo-blocking works

Geo-blocking relies on the information (including your IP) you transfer to the network while visiting various websites. Simply put, your IP does the same as your real address does — it reveals your home. So if we want to trick geo-blocking, we should change the IP. And here is when a proxy comes to help. From streaming platforms to online shopping — a proxy solve those troubles.

How proxy servers help

A proxy server works as a buffer between you and the website you are visiting. When you surf the Internet via a proxy, it gives you a totally different IP prior to rerouting you to the site. In other words, you can change your virtual location without moving to another country. If you use a France proxy, you can access all the websites available only in France.

Proxies can be super effective when you want to overcome website blocks, but you should be careful while choosing them. Check out Fineproxy as this company offers an excellent combination of price and quality.

There are plenty of proxy services on the net, but remember that free doesn’t mean good, particularly when we are talking about encryption, protection, and privacy.

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