How to Apply, and Benefits of WP 301 Redirects Plugin

When your WordPress website gets overly loaded with content, videos, and images, its performance starts to deteriorate. Some of the pages even become invalid or obsolete. If you delete such pages, your users will come across 404 not found error page. 404 errors can be bad for your search engine rankings. There are several solutions to resolve these issues.

WP 301 Redirects plugin is an ideal solution, but understand its concept before installing. The concept is pretty simple. Basically, your WP site gives the page status to the browser that the page they came in search of is moved. Then the browser redirects the seeker to the relevant targeted page.

How to apply 301 redirects?

  • Install WP redirect plugin via plugin menu
  • On the plugin’s dashboard, you will find an option ‘New settings’
  • On the left side, enter the permalink of the post or page that needs to be redirected
  • Enter the previous address or URL
  • Enter entire new URL on the right side
  • Save your changed redirect
  • It will open in 301 redirects menu
  • Return back whenever you desire to edit or delete this redirect

Benefits of 301 redirect plugin installation

Simple to use

WordPress 301 redirects the plugin is user-friendly. It is simple to use. No need to be tech-savvy. You will need to identify the page that produces 404 errors. Connect them to the target page. Just change the URL, and the plugin automatically redirects viewers to the new URL.

Improves SEO ranking

301 redirect plugin can even improve website traffic quality, as it can distinguish detrimental bots. The bad bots see the 404, and find the new page for the users to move on to. Genuine visitors from useful search engines like Google will get redirected to the target page. It enhances SEO ranking.

Site speed does not get hampered, nor are there any concerns about using 301 redirect WP plugin. You are in total control of your WP website, as you can easily set it without any trouble. The plugin can also be uninstalled in a couple of clicks.

Charts & support

The 301 redirects WP plugin package includes several useful charts, which help to analyze the website traffic. For example, you gain an insight into which browser works best, which devices are popular, which countries gain the most traffic, etc. Every detail gets recorded simply and clearly. Sire owners can get the idea at a glance, and then tweak their strategy accordingly.

In case of doubts or glitches, you can contact the team at WebFactory Ltd. They have a reputation of getting back to their customers as soon as possible with solutions. Their reputation has a solid foundation in the form of product quality. No glitches or bugs accompany their products!

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