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Is there any can be done if phone storage is insufficient and phone is slowing down? There are plenty of options to do without buying a new phone. Because most Android phones loses its performance and storage due to user errors. Many of those are not cause due to phone and its issues. 

There are cases where that phone is too old. However, many newer Android devices loses its performance quickly due to few fixable issues. For example, you can’t use low-range and mid-range smart phones like flagship devices. Cheap and budget smart phones are not designed for heavy tasks. You have to manage your storage, apps and other services using a tool. NOX Cleaner is such application that helps to run your device at max performance.

People tends to install many apps, games they see on internet. Those apps use considerable amount of storage space, resources and battery even without using. Because unused apps have background services to push notifications, updates and etc. It is important to clean or remove unwanted applications. You can use NOX cleaner ease those tasks. Below mention features of this application.

Features of NOX Cleaner


  • Max Junk Cleaner – What to do when storage is not sufficient? You may have deleted your photos, videos, files and even apps to free storage. But it won’t clear storage as you expected. That is due to junk files. Use this app to clean all junks on phone including caches, duplicate backups, redundant backups, downloaded files, residuals from updates, app data from uninstalled apps and etc. You can also clear downloaded video files from YouTube app.
  • Real Time Antivirus – Antivirus application is required to keep your phone healthy. No need to install separate mobile antivirus application like Avast Antivirus apk that need extra storage space for that application. This will do real time virus scan including malwares, viruses, trojans and remove potential privacy threats.
  • Max Memory Booster – There are many instances where currently using application stuck and very slow to responses. You can quickly close all opened applications, background services and others to free up RAM and CPU. That helps to run current application at max speed.
  • CPU Cooler – You may experience that you phone get hot quickly after several minutes of using Some time phone get hot even without using it. That is due to heavy background tasks. You can use this CPU Cooler feature to close all unwanted background services and task that run without using the phone to reduce CPU stress. That helps to run your phone without getting too hot.


Above listed some of the features of this application. Feel free to download and install this application directly from Google play store and boost Android performance for free. You can download this application using third party app stores like ac market apk.

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