Online Study In Pandemic

In the corona virus pandemic, everything has changed. People are staying at their homes and try to complete their tasks from home. Its major effect is on education level. Children, who are going to school, now have to stay at home. Government and school authorities did not want to waste this time so they think to start online classes from home. School going children have been moved from school learning to online learning. This change of classroom learning to online learning is maybe quite stressful as this is a new way of learning and they are not ready to adopt this way. This is the time when parents have to take care of children and also handle the anxiety they are feeling because of online study. Due to stress, parents can notice the behavior changes in children which may be like refusals, opposition, excessive arguments. During this pandemic, parental support is required for every child.  

Several students do not understand what their teachers are teaching them. For completing their syllabus, such students can take help from lido classes. Online classes and syllabus completion at lido platform is much easier as compared to other platforms. Here, children learn all things in a fun enjoyable way. There is no strictness like online classes which are held by schools. In school online class, you have to attend on the fixed time while at lido classes, you can attend the class when you want. There are many other benefits also for using lido classes. While online classes, parents should be with their children and must check what their children are doing on the mobile or computer. There are many cyber crimes present online and there may be a chance that your child moves towards such crimes. SO, be preventive and take an eye on your child. If you are a new parent and have started online learning for your children, you must watch the video which is available on the link In this video, you will know about what cybercrime is and how it is reached to your children. You will also know how to do child safety from cybercrimes. So, do not take it easy and simple. It can spoil your child’s life. So, take a look at your child from time to time and also know about its pros and cons. 

It is a must for every parent to know what their children are doing in the device and how they are responding. Every child is unique in its way and chance is that your child is not taking interest in school online class, and then you can try for lido learning. Here, the child will take interest himself and learn all things quickly. Lido learning is free for all age group students. Your child will grow himself in many fields but you have to be with him because of child safety. You love your child and do not want to spoil his life, then it is necessary to talk to him about his views, dreams, stress. 

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