Securing your way through the web – A VPN Story

Cyber Security and data theft is a common term these days, which has created a great buzz for VPN services. So, what is a VPN Server? And how is it used? A VPN server stands for a Virtual Private Network Server, a technology that intends to secure the connection between any two gadgets like a mobile or a laptop or between a device and a server. It alters your IP address providing you safety during data transfer. There are numerous VPN services available on the internet as software and applications for free, but choosing the best free VPN service is tricky. Below mentioned are some of the purposes a VPN service can help serve:

Magnifying Security

Increasing security over data transfers is one of the primal functions of a VPN server. Since it establishes an absolutely impenetrable and separate connection line between the server and the receiver, data is protected from prying eyes or leaks.

Securing Corporate Networks

Corporate working is marked with sharing of a large amount of confidential information that might involve client details, employee data or secret policies, techniques and legal information. Therefore, a VPN service enables securing the office and the organizational local network from hackers and data thieves.

Internet Invisibility

While surfing and information gathering, it sometimes becomes important to hide your IP or attempt to go undetected if you are researching for quality information. This is where VPNs do the task, these applications ensure your anonymity while you visit information that might be geo-blocked or require personal information or identification for visiting.

Watching streaming content from other countries

VPN does serve even for entertainment purposes. If you are an ardent fan of shows and sports that are streamed in some distant part of the world and are not aired in your country, you can activate a VPN for accessing the content from the server of that country. This being said VPNs can also be used to access web shows and other media content that might be geo-restricted.


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