Stop, Look, and Listen: 6 Road Safety Reminders to Avoid Accidents  

According to WHO or World Health Organisations, there are 1.3 million people who lost their lives in road accidents, while 20 to 50 million people suffer from minor to non-fatal injuries. Hearing those numbers may not affect you emotionally since you don’t know them. However, accidents can happen to anyone you know, including yourself. There is a risk when driving a car IF you don’t observe proper safety procedures and feel emotionally disturbed due to — drunkenness or maybe broken up with your partner.

Driving means you need to have a clear mind. It would help if you focused on the road and the surrounding environment. Although most people can drive, it’s still a big responsibility to ensure your well-being. If you’re a business owner who employs drivers, a casual driver or a Grab driver, here are the reasons why you need a driver monitoring system for a safer and enjoyable travel experience.

Before you hit the road, list down these safety reminders so you can get back home intact and, hopefully, no injuries.

Driving Safety Reminders to Prevent Road Accident

A safe travel experience is more than just having a clear mind. Are you sure the car has enough gas? Are the mechanical parts working? As you drive the vehicle, there are many things you might have overlooked. Plus, you have the liability for the people in the car. It’s a waste if a young person as young as five years old suffers from an injury that can affect his life throughout his lifetime.

Driving is a big responsibility for yourself and the people around you. So, as you step on that clutch and manoeuvre the steering wheel, here’s why safety measurements like vehicle GPS tracking and drivers fatigue management are essential.


1) Check the Car Condition

The first step to ensure safety is to check the car condition if it’s safe for the road. To help you, check the tires to see if there are no flat ones. You should also examine the air filter to see if it’s clean. Don’t forget the angle of the mirrors for a better and accurate view. You should also check the brake to see if it’s working.

 And, of course, check if your car has enough oil for the travel distance. For first-time car owners, all of this can feel too overwhelming. It’s helpful to look for a professional that can offer a driver monitoring system to ensure safety.

Apart from that, it would help if you also went to the car manufacturer or repair shop to check for your vehicle’s condition. Always remember that it’s your responsibility to know the car’s condition before hitting the road.

2) Don’t Forget the Seat Belt!

Indeed, seat belts are almost synonymous with safety in the car industry. Always wear them to avoid the impact of a car collision. Make it a habit to wear seatbelts as a driver or a passenger. Also, before you start driving, make sure your passengers have seat belts on for safer travel. Plus, some cities require seat belts, so you may get violations if you’re not wearing one.

Another scenario is that you’re rushing because you might be late for your flight or you need to attend a client meeting right away. For this reason, you may forget to wear seatbelts; hence, if you’re looking for a fleet management system, including seat belts as your top priority.

3) Bring a Companion

When you’re driving long distances, it’s better to bring a friend who can substitute for you when you need to take a break. Maybe a sister or your father can drive for you if you need to take a nap. Additionally, your companion can help you observe your surroundings. They can tell you about the road signs you may miss if you only focus on the driving itself. Alongside your friend, you can also use the drowsiness detection system to stand as a wake-up call when you need to be alert.

If you’re the only one who can drive, make sure to have a break along the highway. Find some restaurants or a place where you can take a short resting period. Finally, don’t forget to follow road signs to prevent accidents.

4) Use GPS Tracker

You can also install a GPS tracker for your fleet management system for extra effort. Doing so will help you track the whereabouts of the vehicle. If, for instance, you’re a business owner, you should rely on vehicle GPS tracking to ensure safety for your employees. GPS trackers can also send real-time signals if an accident happens. With this, you can call for assistance immediately.

The GPS tracker can also help ease the worries of parents. If your son or daughter is driving for the first time, you can advise them to use vehicle GPS tracking so you’ll have an update about their location. GPS tracker can also deter criminal activities. With the tracker’s presence, ill-intentioned people will not continue to do the evil deed and instead try to do the right thing. On the other hand, authorities will have a faster time catching suspects with this modern technology.

5) Always Follow Traffic Rules

Relying on fleet asset tracking may not be enough if you’re regularly driving. It would be best if you’re also adept with the traffic rules. It’s better to read about the laws and regulations about road safety in your city.  And yes, breaking traffic rules doesn’t make you cool! Don’t do it on the road if you want to impress other people or be like James Bond. Finally, remember to follow the rules regardless of your situation. After all, your life is at risk if you’re reckless.

6) Don’t Use Your Phone!

We live in a society where we always stick our faces on our phones because of social media. The leading platform to talk with your friends is Messenger or Viber. If your friend’s group chat is talking about your batchmate and you’re itching to know about her pregnancy, please, it would be best to put your phone down first. Join the conversation when you’re off the road.

Ensure safety while on the road Guardian SEA can help you with a driver monitoring system. They have vehicle GPS tracking, driver fatigue management, and a drowsiness detection system. Visit their website to be a responsible driver.

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