Synology surveillance station license packs

Protect your business, home and other environments with a 24/7 IP-camera system. With a Synology surveillance station you can easily manage your camera’s. The official surveillance station Synology license makes sure you are prepared for future expansions. With this license you can add more camera’s in the easiest way possible. Optimised and flexible Synology license packs are available for you and make sure you can add more IP cameras to your Surveillance station network. Want to know more about these license packs and where you can get the official version? We’ll tell you.

The different Synology license packs

With a Synology license pack you can manage your camera system in literally the easiest way possible. You can start your license off with a license for one camera. But when you are ready to expand, you can easily add more cameras. Just simply buy another Synology license to add to your account. You can choose between three different licenses. Obviously there is a pack for one camera, but you can also choose to add room for four or eight cameras at once. When you’ve ordered your desired Synology license, you will get it delivered fast and direct into your inbox. There is no wait and no hassle. Directly after you ordered a license you will receive your personal license code via email. It’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week, fully automated and without any shipping costs. Make sure you buy your license from a respected reseller to avoid problems with your software. When using a hacked, cracked or generated license or serial, your workspace can become deactivated without any notice when the next update is run. Save yourself the trouble and buy from an authorized reseller.

Where can you buy a Synology license pack?

You can order your Synology license pack at different places. Want to be sure you are buying the official Synology license? Make sure the website where you order your license is a Synology authorized online reseller. When you buy your license at an authorized reseller, you are sure you’re buying the real deal and you won’t have any problems when a new update is available. This way you’re also sure that you can add as many cameras as you want. An example of an authorized reseller is Innocam. On the official Synology website you can find a list of all the authorized resellers. When a seller is not on this list, you won’t be sure you are buying the real deal. So make sure the seller is on the official list, like Innocam is. Want to know more about the Synology license packs? Visit the Innocam website or contact them via

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