The smart way to download videos from Facebook

Social media is setting a strong foothold. Facebook is leading the virtual social media network. It helps in making new friends and sharing things that form the common interest for many in the same group.

Unfortunately, Facebook has restrictions on downloading videos. This could be the reasons for the disappointment of many of us. Fortunately, there is a workaround for this limitation. FastVid is the ultimate solution for all your Facebook video download query.

The procedure is simple. Copy the video’s URL, paste it in the URL column on and click ‘download’.

Here are some benefits of FastVid.

1- It is a straightforward option

The simple operation is the essential thing in using Fastvid. As stated above, the procedure only requires three steps; copy the URL, paste it and click download. Besides, you don’t need to install any software or browser plugin as preliminary action.

2- The downloads are permanent

Some software programs have the peculiarity that the downloads are stored in the software folder. Upon the uninstallation of the software, the folder gets deleted. However, FastVid does not have any such drawback. Your downloaded videos are stored in the download folders by default.

3- No login required

Every time you want to download a video, log on to the FastVid website. To watch a video, open the video player or go to the download folder. There is no need to log in.


This is how to download FB videos.


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