The Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Your Broker

On the stock market, you can buy and sell assets with or without an intermediary. If you have decided to opt for the first solution, find the right broker. He manages your investments, makes your payments and regularizes your earnings. How to choose your broker? Here are three basic points to watch out for.

Minimize Risks By Ensuring The Security Of Investments

The first good reflex to adopt before choosing your broker is to assess the risks in terms of fund security. This implies for you to verify that the binary option broker is completely reliable and uses the best binary signals. First, make sure it is not blacklisted. Then, rely on the recommendations of other traders to attest to its reliability. Above all, don’t be lulled by the bonus offers that seem too attractive to be real. Often, they contain traps that you must avoid to protect your investments.

Choose Your Broker According To The Range Of Assets Offered And The Fund To Invest

Putting all your eggs in one basket is a risk that any investor must absolutely avoid. Opt for a broker who offers a wider range of assets to gain experience and in particular to minimize risks. A trading platform that offers a minimum deposit of $350 for a minimum trade of $7 is more advantageous than that at $150 for $5 of minimum trade. With the first, you can invest in 50 different assets against only 30 for the second.

Clarify From The Outset The Conditions Under Which The Winnings Will Be Collected

When choosing your broker, it is also important to define the conditions under which you will recover your earnings. Several means are possible: PayPal, Moneybookers, bank transfer, etc. Also, take into account the commission fees of the broker and the costs of managing your investments. Generally, you have to pay them proportionally to the frequency of your activities and also to the capital you invest.

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