Things to do after buying a new smartphone

There are few important things which you need to consider after buying a new smartphone. There are several points which you need to look out for. First of all make sure that you keep the receipt and box safely. The box of the smartphone helps you in reselling the device with a more price. Furthermore, the box of the smartphone helps you to claim your warranty as well. After purchasing a new smartphone it is highly recommended that you keep it away from physical damages. These include scratches, dents and bumps. To ensure the safety of your mobile using a glass protector will give added protection to your screen. Moreover, you can also use a back cover as well. Moving ahead, when you purchase a new smartphone you should update the software. It will boost up your mobile performance and battery level. If you have bought a smartphone from a network service provider. There is a high chance that it would be blocked as you may not use it for other networks. If you want to unlock iphone 6S then you need to contact your service provider.

Can you use your old sim card on your phone?

Many people ask this question whether they can use their old sim card on their new phones or not? They can use their old sim card only on one condition if the phone is unlocked by their service provider. Service provider is not the only option available to unlock your phone. Instead of them there are third parties app and other online websites which offers the option to unlock your mobile phone. To Unlock Iphone 8or any other smartphone you may need to pay some money out of your pocket.

Is it possible to unlock phone yourself?

Many people do not want to spend money to unlock their phones. If you have enough knowledge about smartphone then you can surely unlock it yourself. However, unlocking your phone may end your warranty as well.

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