Things You Should Know as a Victim of Personal Injuries 

Of all the accident cases reported across the world, personal injury cases are the most frequently misused ones. This is the combined consequence of incapability of the victims to provide the necessary evidence, stubbornness of the insurer to not pay the claim amount, inefficiency of the attorney appearing for the case, etc. 

Here are a few tips to help you speed up your legal battle and to ensure a positive verdict.

Jargons to Keep An Eye on Before Filing a Case

#1 Who is a victim and who is the defendant?

The person who has undergone a physical or psychological trauma as a result of an accident caused on purpose or willful negligence is categorized as the victim of a personal injury. Victims are also referred to as the plaintiff in the judicial landscape.

The person who caused the accident is the defendant. The defendant can be a person, a company, or even a corporation.

#2. Comparative Negligence

It’s very important that every victim should be aware of this term. Bear in mind, the gravity of the fault is put to the comparison between the victim and the defender before finalizing the actual damage caused.

#3. Mitigating Circumstances

This is a term that’s most important for the defendant since the degree of fault is measured using this parameter. Certain circumstances can be used to reduce the weight of the fault.      

That said, let’s now take you through the importance of some of the most frequently asked questions that almost every victim has. Have a look!

Is it Advisable to Represent Self in a Personal Injury Case? 

Although it is best to choose an attorney to fight the case, there are instances where you feel confident enough to represent yourself in the proceedings. It is called pro se in legal terms and the law allows you to represent your case in such a manner.

Why Opting for an Attorney is a Better Idea?  

Rushing is never the best option when it comes to finding the most suitable attorney. It is always advisable to go for an attorney who is specialized in the personal injury section of law. Not all firms are capable of accomplishing that task. Very few lawyers such as the Jersey city personal injury lawyer can be the one-stop solution to your personal injury claims. Let the most eligible attorneys represent you in the long legal battles so that you get what is rightfully yours. 

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