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Every kitchen needs basic items so that the chef can create his favorite recipes and welcome friends and family, right? Because among the most important small appliances comes the blender. In the Zotezo this is important.

Although it seems easy, choosing the best blender can become quite a complicated task, since there are model numbers of the most diverse brands on the market. Are you lost too? So check out today’s post and learn from our tips for buying the most suitable blender for your needs! Ready? So here we go:

What are the types of blender?

There are basically three types of blenders on the market, the counter top, the famous mixer and the processor. As each of them has specific functions and meets different levels of needs, it is better to take a look at one by one, don’t you agree?


Its use is indicated for making purees, cutting small amounts of food to make, for example, a vinaigrette, in addition to mixing delicious milkshakes and vitamins. Because it is small, its handling is extremely easy.


This is a very versatile type of blender that can be used both for mixing pasta and crushing ice. The variety of models of the bench blender is huge. To start, your glass can be made of acrylic, glass or stainless steel. Other points that vary are its potency, the capacity of the cup and, of course, its design.  With the Best Induction Cooktop  this is important.


This appliance is the most complete of all, because, in addition to fulfilling the function of blender, it is also used to beat heavy pasta, grind meat and slice vegetables. For that, it needs to be more powerful.

How to choose the appropriate model?

First of all, you need to know exactly what your needs are, what you expect and what you need from this device. Some tips:

  • If your family is very large or you have the habit of preparing many foods at the same time, the ideal blender can be the counter top, with a 2 liter glass, for example.
  • If the use of the blender is for heavy pasta or the preparation of drinks with ice, it is recommended to purchase models with glass or stainless steel cups, which are usually more resistant. In this case, also take into account the power of the electro.
  • If you live alone or don’t use your blender that much, you can invest in a simpler model, which, in addition to meeting what you need, will not take up as much space in the kitchen.
  • Anyway, always pay attention to the speed levels that the device reaches and choose a model that best matches the look of your home. For the Best Food Processor this is important.

The best blenders on the market

After learning about what to observe when buying a blender, take a look at the best brands on the market, in order to guarantee the purchase of a product with quality and guarantee. We have separated here some of the best known precisely for fulfilling these requirements.

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