VPS Windows Hosting – Unlock The Major Benefits

VPS Hosting plan gives you enough control as well as computing resources by segregating the server’s across various customers. A Shared Site is one in which you can host thousands of sites. But VPS is meant for a dozen of clients. So, choosing the right host is not an easy task and for that, we are here to guide you through the VPS Windows hosting.

Shared Hosting

It is the process through which hosting companies utilize numerous users on the same server. A server is similar to a hard drive or a processor analogous to your PC. If you are living in a household and there is only one PC to be used by the entire members, then you have come across the nuances of Shared hosting.

If you look at the advantage the cost per person is less. While talking about the downside of it, it is available to a limited number of users and the users can get affected through the actions. Suppose you have downloaded a game and it contains malware, then the other members are refrained from using the computer.

VPS Hosting

VIrtual Private Sector or what we call VPS is much more of an advanced solution as compared to Shared hosting. Therefore, VPS servers are generally “shared” environments VPS servers are generally shared environments but the technology used in this case is much more unique and advanced.

The major difference lies in how resources are distributed. Only there are few users who use the same hardware and everyone is using a private environment. It simply makes everyone clear that everyone is using their own server. Using the shared hosts, it is totally free devoid f all sorts of services. It is totally based on the priority whoever comes first will grab this. If the server is equipped with 16 GB memory, then the single website will contain almost everything. But in the case of VPS Windows hosting, the case is completely different. The lower end VPS plans provide 2GB to every user. As a result, each of them can use the maximum of 2 GB but none will override their own allowance of 2 GB.

Is it Necessary to Shift the Gear to VPS?

It is advisable not to go for Shard hosting if you are into online businesses. There are two likely and obvious reasons to use VPS Windows hosting. The foremost reason is to look for financial considerations and the other can be a low rate of traffics.

Different Kinds of VPS

VPS accounts are categorized on the basis of the number of resources allocated to each of them. The lowest plan is basically $20/month which gives 1 GB memory, 20GB storage and bandwidth of 500GB. Higher priced plans can come with 8 cores, 10GB memory, storage of 50GB and 1.5 TB bandwidth as well.

If you are using shared hosting till now, then you can go for $20/month VPS Windows hosting.

What is More in Store?

Apart from VPS, there is another good solution if you are into a WordPress powered website. You can switch the gear to managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting can take place through shared or VPS servers. However, since these services are meant only for WordPress, they come with various attributes and the most significant one id the speed.

Most Used VPS Hosts

There are many hosting companies which provide VPS option. Here are some of them which you can check out once.


SiteGround occupies a prominent place in the world of hosting. They have a high rate on the VPS host on social media channels. It is, therefore, a very good start for them.

liquid web

Liquid Web is one of those top-rated Best Windows hostings. You can use the lowest plan of $50/month and it works a great deal.


Linode comes with good price hour and that is why and that is why the majority of the companies are using it. The cheapest one is available at 10$/month and so it is way above the curve when we compare it with shared hosting.

Recommended Shared Hosts

Moving on to VPS service can be a bold step for any serious company, but if the traffic is low or you might be lacking funds, what will be the next step. In such a scenario, it’s important to go for SiteGround. It comes with top quality Shared services at a budget-friendly rate which you can suffice your needs. Moreover, it can automatically be upgraded to VPS as and when required.  Moreover, it also provides Shared hosting plans below $5.

Final Implication

Now you know both the hosting services. We recommend you go for VPS Windows hosting keeping in mind the technical aspects. If you can afford $20/month, you will surely get a good VPS server. However, the suggestion is to go for a cheaper one available at $5/month. So, please go through the content to know the nitty-gritty of the VPS server.

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