What are the pros of Redmi 6A by Xiaomi?


Xiaomi is one of the most popular leading smartphone brands in the world right now. Right from the budget department to the upper mid-range to flagship devices, Xiaomi is doing it all. The consistency shown by Xiaomi by releasing back to back worth devices is commendable. The most popular devices by Xiaomi are in the mid-range list. The Redmi series has been taking the market over a storm. Now, with Xiaomi’s Redmi 6Awhich is a budget device, Xiaomi is back. There are many pros of this device by Xiaomi, which makes it one of the best among other budget devices. Let’s take a look at some major pros of this device.

● Cheap and affordable

Well, you would think that a budget device is obviously affordable for anyone. The answer is yes, but this is not the end of the topic. This device by Xiaomi is a budget device with some features of the upper mid-range league. These features make this device a complete winner among the other budget smartphones. The price of this smartphone is 5999INR, which is quite low. Considering the features of this device, this price is not justified. But, the less the phone costs, the more you are in profit. Thereafter, this is one of the major pros of this budget smartphone by Xiaomi.

● Long-lasting battery performance

You would have heard that the initial devices by Xiaomi were not long-lasting in terms of battery performance. This was because the processor of the devices was too advanced for the battery to carry it. Well, you can expect nothing like that with this device. This is a budget device by Xiaomi that has a 3000mAh battery. You can expect a full working day battery back-up from this device apart from heavy-duty like playing high graphic games etc. This is a major advantage of this budget device by Xiaomi.

● Incredible camera

The camera of a phone is a real stand out factor. The tradition of poor camera quality in any lower mid-range devices is now over. With this smartphone by Xiaomi, you will get a 13mp rear camera. The camera is accompanied by a LED flash that will take decent photos, even in the low light. The camera is of 2.2 aperture, which is quite impressive in this budget league of devices. In addition to that, the front camera is of 5mp which will take decent photos and selfies for you. Also, there are many customization options for you to edit your photos professionally.

● After-sale service and brand’s goodwill 

Xiaomi is a respectable smartphone brand all over the globe. This lower mid-range budget device is a great choice for you as a secondary device. The brand value of Xiaomi is huge. Due to this, you can expect a quick and efficient after-sale service. Rapid response to customers to solve their queries, responsive galleries are just a name of few. Therefore, this is a major pro of buying this device by Xiaomi.

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