What are the types of hacking techniques?

Hacking is unauthorized accessing any information in the system’s features. Today most things happen online. The hacking gives a wider chance for those hackers to gain illegal access to information. Such as credit card details, personal information, and email accounts. It is very important to know some hacking techniques. It is used to get some personal information in another way. Such as online Instagram hacker.

Fake WAP

Hackers are using software to fake any wireless access point. It connects to any official public place WAP. And once you connected to any fake WAP. The hacker can access all your data. It is one of the easiest hacks to achieve. It only needs basic software and a wireless network to do it. Anyone can name their WAP as a legit name such as “Starbucks WiFi” and they can start spying on you. The best way to protect you from these is you need to use a quality VPN service.


It is using replicas of the most accessed sites and they trap the victim by just sending them a spoofed link. It is combined with the dangerous vectors. The user tries to log in with their credentials and the hacker gets all the private information of the user. By using the trojan running on the fake site. Phishing using Gmail accounts and iCloud was the attack route of the hackers.

Cookie theft

Cookies in your browsers store any personal data. Such as your browsing history, passwords, and username for every site you access. And once the hacker gets all your access to your cookie they can authenticate themselves as you on the browser. This method carries out this attack to operate the user’s IP address to pass through the victim’s machine.

It is also known as Session Hijacking or SIdeJacking. It is easy to carry out if the user is not using SSL (HTTPS) for the session. On those websites, you enter your password and any details to make their connections encrypted.

Bait and Switch

Using this technique the attacker can buy any advertising spaces on the websites. When the users click on the ad they might be directed to a page that is infected with malware. By this, they can install malware on your computer. Those ads and downloads are attractive and the users are attracted so they start clicking it. The hacker will then run a malicious program. The users will believe it is authentic. After they install the program the hacker gets all the access to your computer.

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