What is Data Destruction?

Before selling, recycling, donating or throwing away your electronic storage devices you must destruct the data on your device. The reason you must delete data is so that it is unreadable and cannot be accessed by unauthorized sources. Simply deleting your files and emptying the recycling bin is not data destruction. Read on to learn what data destruction is and why it’s important.

Definition of Data Destruction and Data Sanitization

According to Tech Target, data destruction involves destroying the information and data on electronic media, making it unreadable and inaccessible to unauthorized sources. However, data destruction is not as secure as data sanitization. With data destruction, the data may sometimes be recovered using other means. To ensure the data is gone forever, you must use data sanitization because it verifies that the data is irrecoverable. Data sanitization is the best method to ensure highly sensitive data is not accessed by unauthorized sources. The three methods of data sanitization include cryptographic erasure, data erasure, and physical destruction with verification.

Benefits of Secure Data Destruction

Complete data destruction is crucial in several cases and is a step you do not want to skip when disposing of your electronics. Here are some of the top benefits of complete data destruction.

Secure Personal Information

For both individuals and corporations, securing personal information is imperative. Large organizations are responsible for maintaining the privacy of customers and employees. When data is recovered by the wrong people, businesses and individuals may face targeted advertising, identity theft, and loss of personal privacy. A complete data wipe is the best way to keep personal information secure when getting rid of electronics.

Prevent Data Leaks

If the wrong people access your personal or business data, it can lead to dangerous data leaks. Fully wiping your data from devices before disposing of of them ensures your private data is secure and prevents data leaks.

Resell and Refurbish Used Devices

Reselling or refurbishing your devices is a great practice for the environment and other people. However, you must implement data destruction before passing along your device to another person. Data destruction ensures your information won’t get into the wrong hands so you can sell or donate your old devices for others to use with peace of mind.

Backup Before Upgrading

Data backup is an important step to do before data destruction. Most people and businesses need at least some of the data on an old device. A comprehensive data backup is a necessity before upgrading your devices. Data technicians can quickly and efficiently transfer your data to your new system before performing data destruction.

Data Destruction Professionals

Whether you are a large corporation or an individual, data destruction is critical for securing your personal information. Before selling, donating, or getting rid of your old electronic devices you must digitally sanitize them to remove your sensitive information. The best way to ensure proper data destruction is to consult a professional. To learn more about data destruction or set up your appointment, contact us today HERE.

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