Why Two-Way Radios Are Best To Use For Patrolling Duties

Are you testing out patrolling schemes for your business property? You might want to look into two way radio rentals. For over fifty years now, two way radios have been used by most security agencies to provide communications among members of their teams. There’s a reason why, despite the sudden popularity of cellphones now, two way radio rentals are still the best option for patrolling duties.

Immediate connection

While there are cell phones now, two way radios provide an immediate connection to all patrolling units. Most models will allow you to speak to your other members simply with one press of your button. You can also control the volume of your radio or even connect newer models to headsets just in case you need to use the radios on stealth mode.


Two way radio rentals are cheaper than cell phone subscriptions. You won’t have to worry about losing signal inside the warehouse too. These devices work within their own signal clouds. Because it’s not meant to be used outside certain distance ranges, messages sent from your two way radio devices are also somewhat more secure. When you use WIFI for your two way radios, you can put up blockers to make sure the messages are not accessed by anyone else outside of your team.

Sole purpose

The thing with cell phones is that they can be used for other things. You can call someone else with these devices or you can deplete the energy of your cell phones by using the internet and browsing. Two way radios are more energy-efficient and more accessible because they have one sole purpose: to keep your team members connected during a patrol. The battery life of your two way radios would usually last for an entire shift. They have detachable batteries too so that means you can charge two units of batteries and keep one for reserve during extra-long patrol shifts.


There are many types of two way radios for you to choose from. This is very convenient especially if you are getting two way radio rentals for your patrol team. You won’t have to commit to a single model for years. You can shift to a different one if you find flaws in the units you are using for patrol. Renting radios might seem more costly for some business owners but it is more practical. Purchasing your own radios can be very expensive. At least a rented one allows you to invest in radios with less money and only while you are using the device.

Easier to use

While most people have adapted to electronics by this time, it’s still so much easier to teach someone to use a two way radio. Toy radios employ almost the same principle with lower ranges so even at an early age of five, people can already use simple two way radios. If you’re worried about spending too much time on training your security team, using two way radios for their communications needs will make things simpler. It’s a good no-frills solution for your security needs.

TideWater Communications offers affordable two way radio rentals to help you operate your business smoothly and safely. Contact us today to know more about the options we have for you.


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