Why You Must Choose SSD Storage For your VPS Hosting?

We live in the age of performance optimization. As consumers, we expect unparalleled performance from websites and services offered by brands. Hence, when you land on the other side of the fence as a site owner, you need to prioritize the performance of your website. The first thing to consider when you think about website performance is the choice of the web hosting server. This is important since the site resides on the web server, and its performance is directly impacted by how the server performs. Of all the options available, a VPS Server is preferred by most performance-focused websites since it offers a Dedicated Server-like hosting environment at an affordable price. Since hosting providers constantly endeavour to offer high-performing servers to websites, traditional HDD-based (Hard Disk Drive) servers are now being replaced by SSD-based (Solid State Drive) servers.

The following video explains the difference between an HDD VPS and an SSD VPS Server:

Today, we will talk about VPS Hosting in India and look at the reasons why SSD storage is better for your site.

Why should You choose SSD storage for your VPS Hosting?

Solid State Drives or SSDs have evolved as a high-performance alternative to the traditional Hard Disk Drives or HDDs. Here are some reasons that make SSDs ideal for your VPS Hosting plan:

1. Enhanced Productivity

SSDs are designed to read/write data at much faster speeds compared to HDDs. Therefore, if the VPS Server uses an SSD, then its performance improves as compared to a server based on an HDD. If the read/write speed is faster, the website loads and processes requests faster too.

2.Value for Money

SSDs are costlier than HDDs. Therefore, a VPS Server using an SSD will be costlier than an HDD-based server. However, with a small increase in price, the value delivered by an SSD-based server easily outweighs the cost, making SSD VPS cost-effective.


HDDs had physically moving parts that were prone to wear and tear. However, SSDs are designed to store data using chips, and there are no mechanically moving parts. This makes them more reliable than HDDs. While SSDs also have a shelf-life, they tend to last longer than average HDDs.


Hard-disk drives have a rotating disk that moves every time data has to be stored or retrieved. This requires a certain amount of power. On the other hand, SSDs store and retrieve data from chips in a fairly power-efficient manner. This makes SSD-based VPS Servers more power-efficient than HDD-based servers.

Summing Up

SSDs are more efficient than HDDs. Hence, if you are opting for a VPS Hosting plan, then choosing an SSD-based server can boost your site’s performance. SSDs are particularly beneficial to websites that run active databases or e-commerce platforms or any sites that need a faster server to optimally offer services online.

Before switching to a VPS Hosting plan, assess your site’s hosting requirements, research your options, and choose between Windows & Linux VPS Hosting in India and HDD & SSD VPS Hosting carefully. Remember, online users have zero tolerance for sites that have performance issues. Hence, make sure that you choose the right hosting service. If your site needs a high-performance server, then you must consider an SSD-based VPS Server. Good Luck!

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