Your Email Marketing Campaign Doesn’t Work? Think Twice About The Advantages

When you have set up and are able to do your email marketing correctly and properly, it is one of the most effective internet marketing channels. Below are some of the major advantages.

Advantage 1: An email is a personal message (and is one-on-one), only for the receiver which is sent by the sender. The email goes to your customer’s personal mailbox. Usually, there is no ranking algorithms that may limit your email’s reach. It is a very direct and personal type of communication or messaging. As it is one-on-one, it is essentially a private message.

Advantage 2: An email when it is sent has a purpose. An example is that in order to get a certain information (such as a newsletter or an eBook), the visitor on your website or landing page would fill out a web form. This action actually signs up the visitor to confirm the email addresses provided and receive the information. This action of the visitor grants permission to your business (i.e. the sender) to send him/her the information. When a person actually takes the time to go through this web form filling action, it means the person is interested in receiving a specific piece of information from your business, and may even be willing to receive other follow-up messages. if the email thing doesn’t work properly then you can opt for social media marketing and know how to buy facebook likes and more followers on your social media accounts.

Advantage 3: An email is targeted and may be further segmented based on user’s actions and reactions through the use of some CRM or email automation tools such as SendInBlue. The advantage of such segmentation is for long term – You can send up separate email campaigns for each segment group of users (or email receivers). For example, when they each show interests in different products that your business is offering, you can send each group a separate set of emails, based on the specific product they are interested. This gives you a higher chance to convert the users into paid customers with each product.

Advantage 4: Your business actually own the email (or mailing) list, for good. It is not like affiliate marketing where you do a lot of work to get people to visit your site, click a link that embeds on you landing page, and finally the person becomes someone else’s customer. When you promote through the common online channels including the advertising programs of social media (e.g. Facebook) or search engines (e.g. Google), you will have to pay for the user’s ad click before they actually arrive on your landing page (or website). But with a mailing list (i.e. a customer base), you can email them as many time as you need, as long as you don’t send them spamming information forcing them to unsubscribed from your list.

Advantage 5: In this mobile era, people are using their smartphones on the go and many hours per day. When you send a personal email to your customers, they would most likely be holding their smartphone, and this is mostly going to get their attention to your messages. Check now.

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