Five lies said about buying facebook likes and fans

Buying facebook likes and fans is not something that started happening recently; neither will you be the first one to do it. There is a time when Oprah Winfrey was alleged to have bought facebook followers, something which isn’t far from the truth. In their case, they still “made it” and their social media platforms are oozing millions of followers. When you plan to buy facebook likes, there are some internet sources or influencers who may try to convince you otherwise.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the lies that are propagated and associated with buying real facebook likes and real facebook fans. Well, they include but not limited to, the following:

  • You’ll get no engagement

If you post a picture, then buy 1000 facebook likes immediately, don’t you think people will engage about it in the comment section? Well, in other words, our facebook community will not want to be seen reacting to something the first people. So, they’ll sit and see what other people are saying about it. And now with 1000 likes within a single day? Well, expect it to be the talk of town!

  • You may lose fans

You cannot lose your fans provided you keep it real, and keep the likes at their thousands. Some posts will naturally attract many views and consequently likes, but others, you may need to buy real facebook likes to maintain a PR picture. When you buy facebook fans, you are in the process of acquiring fans that you never had before, and it will likely end in a perfect brand-fan relationship that will blossom gradually. Have you ever heard that one day Christiano Ronaldo woke up and his fans were gone? Well, in other words, you must make sure that real fans and real likes are retained at all costs. Give them the content that they want to read or see, and you’ll not lose even a single fan.

  • Lower EDGERANK

An EDGERANK score will be based on the number of comments, likes, and shares, and in totality, the interaction between your brand and the fans. So, if you buy real facebook fans or real facebook likes, how again do you have a lower EDGERANK, assuming you are posting engaging posts? So, it is all imagination.

  • Will not generate leads

How do you buy real facebook fans and fail to generate leads? That is the height of a lie that someone can tell you about buying facebook likes and fans, especially if you buy from a trusted vendor. All you need is a strategy and the right strategy. For instance, after attaining huge followership, you can always post snippet baits on your facebook page, and the fans who are really fascinated about your brand or product will click. Remember that is including the ones bought.

We are living in an era where no one pays attention if you have nothing to offer. For the social media community, at times, you have to force some things down their throats because they aren’t easy to please. So, if you are real, you can quickly turn your bought likes and fans into new and unique organic traffic to your website through snippet leads.

  • Waste of money

Buying facebook likes and fans is like a long-term investment, something that will give you lots of revenue in terms of lead organic traffic and potential customers who will actually spend. So, how is investing in something that will bring you money a waste of time?

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